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Clearing A Space Protocol
The First Step of Focusing
as developed by Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D., author of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy

See also Clearing A Space Checklist

  1. Put your attention in the torso area of your body. Ask yourself, "HOW AM I RIGHT NOW?" or "WHAT'S IN THE WAY OF FEELING FINE?" Don't answer, but let what comes in your body do the answering. Wait for a FELT SENSE of a concern to form.


  2. Find a HANDLE for the FELT SENSE - a word, phrase, or image that captures the quality of how the concern feels in your body.


  3. RESONATE - say the HANDLE to yourself and check to see if it fits the felt sense exactly.


  4. Give this concern your accepting attention for a few moments, but then put it aside for awhile by imaging placing the FELT SENSE outside your body in a safe place.


  5. REPEAT steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 again until each concern that your body is carrying in this moment has been placed outside your body.


  6. Now bring your attention back inside your body and experience a FELT SENSE of feeling all fine, a CLEARED space that opens up to you.


  7. WELCOME this place, find a HANDLE for this space, RESONATE, WAIT, and see what comes.

For more on Focusing go to http://www.focusing.org/



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